Outfield Farm Cabins

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Your rural adventure starts here – we have not 1 but 3 unique, well spaced out, architect designed, minimal impact cabins, each sleeping a maximum of 2.  You are but a whisker away from being totally off grid – our water supply is private, your cooking facilities inside are wood fired or bottled gas and your minimal use electricity is offset by the power generated by our own wind turbine.  The bathroom facilities are well thought out, with on demand hot water showers and most importantly – a proper flushing loo and for winter we even have an underfloor heat mat in our bathrooms.  These amazing, simple yet stylish, well thought out cabins are ideal for 2 or for the solo traveller, with a comfortable king sized bed and luxurious linen. As you are within our natural landscape we are afraid it is not possible to accept any pets, but we do provide radios for company!


Enjoy our panoramic views and relax outside on your balconies, decks, or on the grass, try out our amazing handmade chairs.  Immerse yourself in your surroundings and also in your very own wood fired Hikki Bohemen hot tub and star gaze the night away.  Try cooking al fresco in our Hikki Faster Greta which is also an outdoor fireplace.  Take pleasure in all the simple things we offer and enjoy this authentic and hopefully invigorating magical experience.  Hunker down in winter with the woodburning stoves and the outside weather howling around you – or open up the doors in summer and let the outside in.  Don’t forget that you are in a cabin, you won’t have all your normal day to day mod cons to hand.  Our electric appliances are at a minimum (fridge, radio, one 13 amp socket with USB port and lighting is strategically positioned, with some of it being portable (reading lamps).  A trip to the bathroom is an adventure in itself.


If you would like to discuss your requirements please e-mail Suki Stobbs at outfieldfarmenquiries@gmail.com or call the landline 01828 686 444 or mobile 077 333 95167


We also have a video if you click on the ‘youtube’ icon on our home page

The Sheiling

TS 3 from above

The Sheiling

TS 3 top of Esse chairs dining

The Sheiling

TS 3 chairs and windows from on high

The Sheiling twilight

TS 3 twilight armchairs and woodburner

The Shelling breakfast time

TS 3 breakfast with fuzzy chairs

Bothan Dubh and the pond

BD 3 external close up from pond

The Sheiling twilight

TS 3 twilight outside chairs and Hikki oven

The Shelling external

TS 3 boardwalk from half way

Bothan Dubh hot tub

BD 3 close up of outside chairs and hot tub

The Sheiling

TS 3 chairs bed and kitchen

The Shelling hot tub

TS TS 3 steaming hot tub and autumn leaves

Bothan Dubh rustic bathroom

BD 3 bathroom

“The Sheiling”, with its distinctive red roof and its unique mirrored bathroom building, is set high up the hill (at 675ft above sea level) within mature woodland, and is our most alpine feeling of the cabins.  Your cosy interior is akin to a mountain chalet and the square building is clad in larch, inside and out.  Sink into our enormous, incredibly comfortable sheepskin armchairs and embrace the view across the treetops to The River Tay in the distance.  Listen to birdsong and enjoy the moment.  Nature is all around as well as above you –  look out for the buzzards, pheasants, red squirrels and roe deer as you are now living in their habitat.

“Bothan Dubh” is very striking from every angle, this impressive black building offers you fabulous comfort and an amazing viewing deck cantilevered over the pond, where you can sit under cover and study the waterside wildlife:  you might see any of the following – widgeon, woodcock, swallows, swifts, moorhen, mallards, heron, pheasant or roe deer.  Or you can sit in your Hikki Bohemen hot tub and watch nature go by.  The apple and plum orchard is above you and the pond below.  The calm tones of the interior ooze relaxation and comfort or you can opt for a veranda seat, facing west as the sun goes down.  This cabin would be suitable for those with slightly reduced mobility.

“Whin” has it all going on with its wildflower roof along with its external mirrored panels set amongst the larch cladding.  The north balcony at the end of the building looks up towards King’s Seat and has to be my favourite view on the farm.  The views inside looking out, however, are also pretty special and hard to beat – it is impossible not to be wowed by the expansive vista of the surrounding farmland, hills and gorse (whin) framed by our cosy Norwegian windows.  The south deck drops steeply into a gorse gulley with a small pond at the bottom.  Wander down there and catch sight of the roe deer, pheasants, hares and other visitors.  The unique kitchen blends seamlessly into the interior cladding of OSB board and together with the copper and brass accents it adds to the Scandi minimalist feel of this cabin.


Bothan Dubh

BD 3 chairs through to door

Bothan Dubh

BD 3 chair window fire


Whin 3 seating and kitchen wall

Bothan Dubh

BD 3 chairs window balcony


Whin 3 south east side showing steel


Whin 3 bed from side plus window

Bothan Dubh

BD 3 bed door and window


Whin 3 seating and kitchen wall

Whin twilight hot tub

Whin 3 twilight bohemian hot tub

Bothan Dubh

BD 3 bed kitchen through to balcony


Whin 3 external west side


Whin 3 dining table taking in bed and picture window


Need to know:

The adventure starts once you park your car in our covered parking area- each cabin has its designated parking spot with plenty of space to unload.  Once you have unloaded you need to walk to your cabin along a rough gravelled track.  We provide wheel barrows in which you can place your items if you want to transport them that way.  We are not anticipating that you have a lot of luggage – just clothing and food/drink – as the cabins are well equiped.  Whin is about a 50 metre walk slightly down hill, Bothan Dubh is about a 90 metre walk up hill, and The Sheiling is for the fittest!  The Sheiling is about 250 metres up hill from the car parking area, and the last 100 metres are quite steep.  We can therefore offer to take your luggage up to The Shelling for you, if you arrange timings in advance with us.  We will provide maps and we also use the App “What 3 words”.  Finding your way around in winter will be a challenge, but we will leave some lights on in each cabin for your arrival.

Carefully read your list of important items to bring (this will be sent out prior to your visit) – for example a good head torch is essential in the winter.  We do not have outside lighting on our tracks, you are on the hillside!

Please read all information in advance that we send out to you, it will include videos on how to light fires etc. in the woodburners, hot tubs and Faster Gretas.  All fires will be set, ready for you to light on your arrival so have a good look at how things are set up.  We use bottled gas (LPG) in the cabins so you always have that for a cooking option on the hob or in the ovens, and it also ensures you have a hot shower.  Full written instructions will be in the cabins.

Fire safety is hugely important – pots will be available outside for cigarette buts (they must not be discarded indiscriminately), fire equipment is in each cabin.  Warm fires are an essential part of a cabin experience so please respect all rules and instructions.

Phone signal – we are with EE and do get a signal on the terraces of each cabin and inside each cabin apart from The Sheiling, where we need to pop out the door to find the signal – although some guests do get a signal inside. O2 coverage is not great with us.

Wifi- we do not provide wifi in the cabins. If you need to check in with wifi we can direct you to an area of the farm near our cottages and farmhouse where you can pick up a signal or download a newspaper.